Why We Started Varun Venaik Food Blog

Welcome to my blog! I’m delighted that you’ve come across my exciting new endeavour. I started this food blog to share my learnings and insights about the benefits of organic food and tips and tricks for how you too can embark on this lifestyle in a sustainable and affordable way.

I am an Australian organic food enthusiast eager to share my tips and tricks for consuming organic food affordably and sustainably. I have been passionate about eating healthy since I was a young child; I grew up in a household where health was seen as the number one priority in life – my parents always used to say that if you have your health, you have everything.

Varun Venaik

welcome to My Blog

I have always been a little curious about organic food but I only decided to take the leap into learning more about it a few months back. I started thinking a little bit more about what I put in my body, and whether it is conducive to me living life in the healthiest and fullest way possible. I started my learning journey by investigating some of the ways in which conventional farming occurs, and I was quite alarmed to discover some rather shocking facts and figures. I also started looking into the use of pesticides in conventional farming and was stunned at the thought that for decades I’d been consuming fruits and vegetables that were, in all likelihood, sprayed liberally with pesticides before they made their way over to my kitchen bench.

After making these discoveries I started thinking more carefully about how I can put better food on my plate. I took the time to visit local farmer’s markets and speciality fruit and vegetable stores, and I asked suppliers questions about where their produce was grown, how it was grown and whether (and how) they use pesticides. I made an effort to replace conventionally grown produce with organic produce.

After embarking on this organic buying journey, I started thinking more about how I can commit to this lifestyle in an affordable and sustainable way. This got me thinking a bit more about growing organic produce, and I started pursuing gardening as a hobby. It took me a while to overcome the fears I had about gardening being too time consuming or too onerous. When I tasted my first home-grown vegetables (tomatoes) I was overcome with pride and happiness! Nowadays gardening is an important weekend activity of mine, and the physical and mental health benefits that I have experienced from spending a few hours in the garden cannot be underestimated.

I decided to start this website so I can let others in on my tips and tricks for pursuing an organic lifestyle. I think there are a lot of people out there who have an innate interest or curiosity in organic food, but are reluctant to take the first step to committing to this lifestyle. I think many people also have a lot of assumptions about organic food (for example, that it is too expensive or that it is for “hippies”) that are not necessarily correct and I am eager to encourage people to gently break these stigmas. I would love to share my tips with all of you and show you that it is not difficult to pursue an organic lifestyle. You can change your life and prioritise your health by committing to some simple steps which I look forward to sharing with you in the coming weeks and months via my Blog posts.

Varun Venaik