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I have recently started looking into growing organic moringa. While moringa was relatively unheard of in popular discourse until recently, native northern Indian people have been consuming this plant and reaping its enormous health benefits for thousands of years. There is an old saying that “Moringa leaves prevent 300 diseases”. It is now quite well recognised that the leaves, flowers, seeds and roots of this plant can be used to remedy a range of medical conditions . Don't forget to check out Varun Venaik  

How to grow moringa

A moringa tree can take some time to fully develop and mature from when the seeds are planted – up to 8 months – so you will need to be patient. Plant the seeds in an area with light and sandy soil and make sure to put compost or manure with the seeds to encourage growth. Place the seeds in a hole that is 30cm square and 30cm deep (this is needed in order to promote the growth of the tree). Moringa requires little attention or water, so you can let it fend for itself for the most part!   Be advised that the moringa tree can grow very tall – almost 25-35 feet in its mature form, with a width of almost 15-25 feet.  

How to consume moringa

  There a few different ways to consume moringa.
  • Boil the leaves in water and make a tea
  • Dry out the leaves (for example by putting them in the sun for several days) and then grind the leaves into a powder that you can put into smoothies, breakfast bowls etc
  • Blend the leaves into a juice which you can drink
  • Add the leaves into stir fry dishes (this is common in Asian and Indian cuisine).
  In Western countries, the dried powder is often put into capsules and sold as a dietary supplement.   Varun-Venaik-blog-post-4

Benefits of organic moringa

There are innumerable benefits of organic moringa for health and wellbeing. So far, scientists and researchers have only scratched the surface in terms of uncovering its health benefits.   Moringa has significant levels of vitamin C (7 times the amount as oranges), potassium (3 time the amount of bananas), protein (2 times the protein of yoghurt), vitamin B6, calcium, iron, vitamin A, magnesium and antioxidants. These vitamins and minerals have a range of health benefits and can significantly lower cholesterol and blood pressure and boost your immune system.  They can also reduce inflammation, which can lower the risk of a number of chronic health problems like heart disease and cancer.   A number of studies show that moringa can potentially help with lessening the symptoms of arthritis and diabetes. Moringa can lower blood sugar levels (high blood sugar levels are a catalyst for diabetes). Varun-Venaik-blog-post-4 You can see how moringa leaves are nature’s answer to a multivitamin tablet!   Also Read:

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