Varun Venaik Reviews Australia and the United States as Sources of Organic Food
There is an ever-increasing demand for organic food all around the globe as people are realizing not only how good such food is for their health but also for a sustainable ecosystem. Countries such as Australia and the United States, says Varun Venaik, have become sources of organic food. Organic food refers to food or drinks that are produced in compliance with the standards of organic farming. In other words, it is the food that is grown on soil that did not have any prohibited substances applied to it in the three years before the harvest.  varun venaik-organic -food Organic food has become so much in demand because it is safe, ethical, and clean. According to an estimate, within a few years, the demand for organic food will grow exponentially. Concerns about people’s and planet’s health is driving many individuals towards environmentally sustainable choices in food and other products. Varun Venaik is one such individual who believes in the goodness of organic food and has taken an interest in growing organic food himself.   He has discovered that organic food has plenty of benefits and has created a website that outlines various tips and tricks that he has learned along the way while gardening organic food, which gradually became his hobby. He has shared his knowledge about the benefits of organic food in a very insightful manner on his site for those who want to start their own sustainable and affordable organic food journey. He wants to give people the courage to leap into having an organic lifestyle because he truly believes this is the way to reach one’s full health potential.   The top two countries which will be the major sources of this growth are Australia and the United States. These countries have well established organic food markets and have been successful in making organic food available to one and all through accessible retailers and supermarkets. The reason for their interest is that in Australia a significant proportion of the population is overweight while in the United States, many in the population have an unhealthy dietary plan, of which the majority are children. As a result, both of these countries, have looked to grow, promote, market and sell organic food for the for the well-being of their citizens.    Choosing organic food over unhealthy food items that lead to malnutrition and obesity has become a major focus for the people of these countries. As a result, there is a surge in their organic food market. Many people in these nations prefer organic food over conventional products because organic food claims to have superior nutritional value and positive health benefits. Conventional products are grown with the use of various kinds of harmful chemicals as well as pesticides, while organic food farming practices use far fewer harmful chemicals.    Organic farming involves the use of organic fertilizers such as compost manure, green manure, and bone meal. Furthermore, it emphasizes the application of techniques such as crop rotation and companion planting. The organic food industry, although new in the market, is upscaling at a fast rate, especially in countries such as Australia and the United States. It has been observed that there is higher access to organic food in the former as compared to the latter. That is to say, while the United States is still deciding the amount of organic substance that is used in their manufacturing process, Australia has seen greater growth in organic farming and manufacturing organic food items.    If you are someone who is looking to start venturing into an organic lifestyle, and are looking to take the first steps towards introducing organic food into your diet, you’re in luck if you find yourself in Australia or United States – both of these nations have an abundance of fresh, organic food available and accessible in a range of supermarkets and local retailers, as well as online stores.   Also Read:

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