Varun Venaik shares his favourite ways to stay active and healthy 
Australian organic food enthusiast Varun Venaik believes that the key to living a happy fulfilling life is pretty simple – eat fresh healthy food, stay active, treat people with kindness and work hard. His website explores in detail the many benefits of eating organic food and provides a number of tips and tricks for embracing an organic lifestyle without breaking the bank.  Varun-Venaik-jogging-main Having taken several meaningful steps to replace processed, conventionally grown foods with fresh, organic and unprocessed foods, Varun decided it was important to start thinking about the next step towards achieving a healthy balanced lifestyle – that is, increasing his physical activity.    This article explores Varun’s three favourite sports / physical activities that he embraces to stay in shape.   


Running is one of Varun’s favourite physical activities. In his opinion, the best thing about running is that it’s something you can do no matter where you are, and no matter what equipment you have on hand. As long as you have some good running shoes and acceptable weather, you are good to go!    Varun has also found running to be incredible for maintaining his cardiovascular health and building lean muscle. After running a few times a week for a few weeks, Varun found that he was feeling far more energetic and strong, and a lot less fatigued by day-to-day activities. He also found that running outside on a warm sunny day provided him with much-needed vitamin D which comes with its own many physical and mental health benefits.    


Like many people, Varun dabbled in tennis a little bit when he was much younger but then had a very long hiatus away from the sport. Recently, he has started playing tennis again –taking up lessons and playing with friends. One of the other great things about tennis is that there’s a lot of variety in how you can play the game – for example, you can play with just one opponent (which is known as playing “singles), or four people can play together (with two on each side, this is known as playing “doubles”). Varun has found that playing tennis regularly has improved his strength and lowered his body fat. He has also found it to be beneficial in improving his ability to move instinctively and quickly (in particular because it requires movement with little reaction times) and his hand-eye coordination.    Varun also loves tennis because it is a sport you can play relatively affordably – all you require is access to a good quality tennis court (which are relatively easy to find in most countries like Australia, United States and the United Kingdom), good sports shoes, a tennis racquet and tennis balls. Varun suggests that if you are experimenting with tennis for the first time, buy a relatively cheap racquet and tennis balls – you can always upgrade to better quality equipment in time once you’ve made the decision to keep pursuing the sport!    


Varun has found swimming to be the perfect physical activity when the warmer weather rolls around. An hour seems to absolutely fly when you are doing freestyle up and down the pool. Varun has found swimming to be amazing for building upper body muscle and strength. As with tennis, Varun did extensive lessons when he was younger including in primary school and high school, but then stopped for a number of years. When he initially re-acquainted himself with swimming, he found it difficult to hold his breath underwater for more than 30 seconds. However with consistent practice along with a few lessons to improve technique, Varun has found that he’s greatly improved his stamina and momentum, and his ability to hold his breath under weather. The cardiovascular benefits of this sport have been significant for Varun.    Varun encourages everyone to get out and about and move their body. If you haven’t exercised properly in many months, it will no doubt be extremely challenging when you first venture back into playing sports; however in time, you’ll find yourself experiencing all the physical and mental health benefits of exercise and it will leave you wanting more!   If you are after more tips on how to improve your physical and mental health by embracing good food habits and physical activity, be sure to visit Varun Venaik Pinterest and Varun Venaik Facebook .  Also Read:

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