Varun Venaik tip’s on growing flowers from bulbs

Growing flowers from bulbs is an easy option for gardeners who do not want to spend too much time planting and replanting every season.  Bulbs is a term used for plants that store food in the swollen underground parts.  The bulbs lie dormant through the year and come alive during the growth season.  When growth season comes these bulbs send out stems and leaves that produce the flowers.  After the season has finished, I usually let the stems and leaves dry out naturally.  It is best to dig out the bulbs and store them in a dry place before replanting them in the next season.  If the bulbs are left in the ground they can rot in the soil and the flowers they produce are smaller.  Additionally the bulbs keep multiplying in the soil, hence there is not enough nutrition in the soil leading to smaller blooms.  Some of the bulbs that I have successfully grown over the years are dahlia, gladiolus, tuberose and lily.


There are hundreds of dahlia varieties in many colours shapes and sizes, many gardeners only grow different varieties of dahlia.  There are often gardening groups set up by dahlia growers to exchange information and share bulbs.  I have had great success growing dahlias.  Dahlias can be single, double or multiple layers and some can have spikey ends.  Dahlias grow well in full sun.


Tuberose has a grassy foliage at the base of the plant, the flowers come up on a stem.  Tuberose flowers have a strong beautiful perfume. You can pick and bring the flowers indoors to enjoy the fragrance.  Tuberose flowers are white and appear as a group of five or six flowers.  I have left tuberose in the ground and it keeps multiplying and coming up every year. It prefers good soil with plenty of organic matter.


I have several colours of gladioli in the garden.  Some of the flowers are vibrant and dark colours whilst others are pale.  I do not dig out the bulbs of gladioli, leaving them in the soil making them a very easy plant to brighten and provide colour in your garden.  They also make excellent cut flowers.


Lillies are another colourful perennial in my garden.  I do not dig out the bulbs, leaving them in the soil.  Lily flowers can be heavy so the stem may need to be staked.  Dog and cat owners need to be aware that lilies can be toxic to dogs and cats.

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