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Organic food is emerging as an excellent alternative to non - organic food because of various reasons.  Whether it's production or consumption, organic food is very beneficial for all.  But being beneficial is one thing and being sustainable is another.  So is organic food more sustainable than non - organic food, and if yes then how?  If you are curious to know then let's dive in with Varun Venaik  

Why Is Organic Food More Sustainable Than Non - Organic Food 

varun-venaik-blog-post-5 With changing times people are switching to organic food from non - organic food thanks to several reasons.  First reason being the high nutritional value that organic food offers.  Second growing and consuming organic food, both processes are healthy and with some planning economical too.  But is organic food sustainable too? 

Well to know this let's have glimpse on following points, 

  • Good For Soil 

In cultivation of non - organic food numerous pesticides and herbicides are used which harm the soil.  They deplete its quality and make the soil polluted.  However in organic food cultivation no artificial pesticides and herbicides are used making soil healthy.  That is why organic food is more sustainable.  In this way organic food maintains not only our good health but soil's too. 
  • Prevents From Water Pollution

When artificial pesticides and fertilizers are used in non - organic food cultivation it doesn't only cause soil pollution but also water pollution.  When residue of the pesticides are left behind it gets washed through water and makes it polluted.  This polluted water further harms nature and our bodies.  Now when these harmful pesticides and fertilizers are not used in organic food farming it can't contribute to water pollution. That is why organic food is more sustainable. 
  • Increases Biodiversity 

When the use of chemicals in nature increases it automatically impacts the life of small to big creatures and makes small lives go extinct.  There are many more ways in which non - organic food farming harms nature and biodiversity of a place. This as a whole destroys the ecological balance of nature.  But in organic farming no chemicals are used making it environment friendly.  Also organic farming includes use of composites that helps in increasing the biodiversity.  So organic food cultivation is actually beneficial for our environment.  Interesting right, to know more exciting facts read further with Varun Venaik
  • Decreases GreenHouse Gases 

You know that global warming and climate change are results of increasing amount of greenhouse gases in our environment.  Non - organic food farming contributes in increase of green house gases and thus also leads to climate change and global warming.  Thus non - organic food is not good for our environment as well as for human body.  On the other hand organic farming doesn't emit greenhouse but instead in some instances it uses greenhouse gases for production of certain products.  In this organic food becomes more sustainable for our environment than non - organic food. 
  • Don't Use Petroleum Products 

One more reason that makes organic food sustainable is that it does not use pesticides and fertilizers which have petroleum products.  Today petroleum products are used in a variety of goods including pesticides and fertilizers.  As the amount available of petroleum products is small and their needs are growing day by day the struggle to obtain more amount of petroleum products is augmenting.  And this competition is not environment friendly at all.  However as organic food doesn't require use of petroleum products it is more environment friendly. These are some of the reasons why organic food is more sustainable.   

Final Takeaway 

Today the emphasis is on the sustainable development. Whether it's food production, manufacturing or consumptions everything required to be sustainable and environmental friendly.  While non organic food items are very harmful for our bodies and environment, organic food is good for all.  It makes our body healthy, environment green, increases biodiversity and save our ecosystem.  That is why organic food cultivation is more sustainable and contributes in sustainable development.    Also Read:

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